Ode to a Cyclist

Morning wakes you from a dreamland afar, you look around to see where you are, oh, ok now you know. Lie a little longer, ok get up time, stretch those lazy limbs, brew a cup of coffee and contemplate the day at hand whilst the warm aroma stimulates the palate. Time to pack up, saddle up, stretch once more and here you go. The wheels starts turning, the chain churns out its reassuring clatter. The black road breaks this land in two, inviting you to see some more. As you roll along, your legs, heart and lungs pump in harmony, up the hill, wind from the front, the going gets hard, sweat runs down your face and body, the going gets slower and slower, to distract your thoughts from the physical pain you start to look for some unanswered questions about this life. Your mind starts searching, thinking and yes every now and then it finds an answer and stores it safely to be used upon another day. With racing breath you reach the top. Stop. Catch your breath and look in awe and wonder at gods great creation.
Now you go down the hill, you’re smiling, no need for pressing thoughts, legs hang loose, muscles relaxed, you’re truly free, flying, happy, body and soul in harmony with creation.
This you do in rain and snow and summer sun, through histories, countries, cultures and far off places where sights and sounds are foreign to the senses.
You get an invitation from a stranger friend, you share with them your wonder world and feed their curiosity, they share with you their humble home and feed you till you’re full.
Then at days end the contemplation and rest deserved with peaceful sleep. You know tomorrow you’ll get up again, stretch those lazy limbs and take the next road to who knows where… but there is no fear, no worry where you’ll lay your head tonight, cause you know that this journey has become your home.

Mount Nebo – Jordan 1999